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We create engaging spaces for brands to tell their story and engage with visitors. We can transform your space to into an exceptional working environment for your staff and a creative environment to engage with your customers.

Cogglesford Watermill Interior, 2020

MSK Doctors, Sleaford 2021

Ralph Lauren Bond Street, London 2020

Nike Town London ‘Ready to Rule London’, 2018



Ralph Lauren’s partnership with RH culminated in the creation of an exquisite retail display that set the stage for the highly anticipated launch of their SS20 collection at their prestigious flagship store, nestled in the heart of London’s Mayfair, at 307 New Bond Street.

Our primary objective was to craft a retail environment that seamlessly embodied the timeless essence and rich heritage of Ralph Lauren while harmonising with the store’s existing ambiance. This endeavour demanded an unwavering commitment to effective product presentations, fostering abundant communication opportunities and the meticulous design of lighting placements.

Upon crossing the store’s threshold, customers were immediately greeted by a breathtaking LED screen, encased in a premium gloss white cornice-detailed unit. This remarkable feature functioned as an expansive canvas, showcasing Ralph Lauren’s latest SS20 collection.

Showing off an array of iconic designs that left visitors captivated and inspired. To enhance this experience further, select unitary pieces were adorned with a unique blue quatrefoil vinyl, elegantly complementing the printed fabric motifs from the SS20 collection, forming a visually enchanting ensemble.

Our collaborative effort breathed life into Ralph Lauren’s storied heritage, magically transforming their flagship store into an immersive and unforgettable shopping experience that resonated with visitors from across the globe.

Our partnership brought Ralph Lauren’s heritage to life.

“Thank you, last night went really well and we were so pleased with the install and the finished unit! We would love to have you work on our future projects whether it be with the full price luxury stores or our boutique stores around the UK.”

Ralph Lauren UK

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