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“We were thrilled with the final stand and had so many positive reactions, so thanks again! Your service has made such an impression on us at Burton McCall, so we’ll of course continue to approach your for business.”

Burton McCall, Outdoor Trade Show 2023

Burton McCall Outdoor Trade Show 2023, Liverpool

Twitch OMR 2022, Hamburg Germany

Clipper Round the World Boot 2023, Düsseldorf Germany

Rakuten DMEXCO 2019, Cologne Germany



Arksen approached RH Displays with a request for a fresh stand design to showcase their latest fleet of Arksen XO Adventure Series vessels: the Arksen 28 and Arksen 30.

Given the intricate designs of both vessels, RH Displays took it upon themselves to create a custom platform deck in-house using CNC machining. This deck not only features a bespoke staircase and handrail but also allows for a smooth transition from the platform to the vessel deck.

In addition, we dedicated special attention to the creation of a private meeting space within the exhibit, meticulously designed to emulate the cosy atmosphere of Scandinavian chalets and the rustic charm of explorer huts reminiscent of those found on islands around the world.

Our intention was to fully immerse visitors in an environment that authentically conveys the essence of Arksen boats — vessels designed with the sole purpose of embarking on journeys of exploration and discovery to new and uncharted destinations.

One particularly captivating feature within the explorer hut on the Arksen stand is an etched acrylic graphic, which spotlights a curated collection of vessels expertly crafted by Arksen.


This exquisite graphic has been meticulously illuminated to ensure that visitors are treated to a truly unique and unforgettable visual experience.

Sustainably sourced Larch & Timber were used in the Explorer’s Hut construction

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